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Roofing Contractor: Ways to Maintain Your Siding

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The outside siding must be kept in good condition if the home is to preserve its attractive curb appeal. It is the key to creating a beautiful, sturdy, and durable structure. The least amount of attention and effort may be used to affect how well the siding performs. Here are some crucial tips for maintaining your siding with the assistance of a roofing contractor:

Inspect Carefully

Wood is attractive, but it may be difficult to keep up. Your wood is susceptible to damage from insects, the environment, and everyday wear and tear. Consequently, it’s crucial to examine and cure wood every six months, especially if you see any rot signs. Your worries regarding degradation won’t apply to vinyl. But you need to check for any gaps or missing parts that might let moisture gather underneath the surface. Fiber cement siding does require maintenance, unlike what many people think.

Paint and Seal Often

To keep your wood siding in good shape, stain it every five years or apply a clear sealant. In order to preserve the wood’s natural color and prevent moisture damage, the sealers must be applied at least every two years. Painting your vinyl with high-quality outdoor latex paint will allow you to maintain the color. Since fiber cement holds paint well, painting is frequently postponed for another 10 to 20 years.

Wash Regularly

You are at risk of mildew and grime. To remove grime, use a soft-bristled brush and warm, soapy water. You’ll need a strong treatment to get rid of mildew. Instead of using soap to remove mildew, use one part bleach with four parts water. Wood siding requires cleaning at least once a year. Vinyl siding should certainly be cleaned once a year with a garden hose under moderate pressure. While other forms of siding are less resistant to the power of a pressure washer, fiber cement siding is.

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